Why Financial Advisors Pay Annual Membership Dues:


Membership Dues:

A membership to AdvisorRating.com is probably the best $199 you will ever spend on "advertising".  Go to PRWeb.com and price a press release.  $360 per release and they must be purchased in groups of three.  $1,080 if you want to do just one press release.  And you still have to do all of the creative work.  Then, you have no idea who will pick up the release and publish it.


AdvisorRating.com will send out a press release to all of the local media in your area for you with your bio information included.  Of course we will not provide this service until your rating has been verified, but you will not have to do the work and you will not have to pay $1,080.  This service comes at no extra cost to the financial advisor, it is part of the AdvisorRating.com service.


Why We Don't Charge the Public:

Some Financial Advisors have indicated they would like us to charge a one time fee to the investor via an a-la-cart business model (similar to the CarFax® service).  Obviously, this would make our service free to the advisor but cost the consumer additional out of pocket expenses. 


The a-la-cart business model would likely generate more revenue for AdvisorRating.com, but we believe far fewer investors would use the service, therefore defeating the objective of having ONE location where any investor can research any financial advisor, for free.


Besides, doesn't it make sense to have investors going to ONE website when looking for a new financial advisor?  Think about how much this could save any advisor in advertising costs.  Think how easy it would be for a referral to verify your credentials.


Why We Are Not A Non-Profit:

Other Financial Advisors have suggested that we should be a non-profit entity.smiley face  We find this suggestion oddly ridiculous, incredibly humorous, and very hypocritical.  Especially since the advisors themselves are for profit entities that provide advice in exchange for compensation on capitalistic  for profit investments.


We reserve our right to pursue our version of the American Dream.



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