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We are dedicated to helping Advisors, Agents and Planners find and keep clients who want a qualified Financial Advisor that will meet their needs.  We rate each advisor and verify their credentials.  If you are an advisor and you are not yet rated; we recommend that you obtain your AdvisorRating™ as soon as possible.  We will post your profile and rating in as little as 15 minutes.

This is like your client resume', Carfax© and Morningstar© rating all rolled into one.  What better way to present your skills, experience, background, qualifications, credentials and expertise to a client.  Best of all, everything is verified by a third party; so your clients know that you are completely legitimate and all of the information is accurate.  Your client or prospect can go online and verify all of the hard work you have done to become one of the best.

Your business cards, letterhead and other documentation can all display your rating so that clients and prospects will have immediate confidence in your abilities.  Please verify this with your broker dealer but we can tell you that we have had very receptive feed back to date.

Aren't you tired of competing against inferior advisors who present bogus, phantom credentials and steal your business?  Isn't it time to put a stop to this madness by proving who you are and proving who the imposters are not !  And the best part is you can complete the first part of the process, receive your AdvisorRating© and have your profile on the web in about 15 to 20 minutes.  And better yet, this service is very inexpensive!

This is not one of these scams that wants to charge you $2,000 or $3,000 dollars, mail you a three ring binder and tell you that you are now one of the new certified senior experts that is sweeping the country.  These scams usually neglect to tell you that you will soon be brought up on charges by a state agency and might even end up on dateline for misrepresenting yourself with a fake credential.

What we do is much different. AdvisorRatings© are calculated based upon professional designations that are held, professional licenses held, years of experience, customer complaints, background checks, education and six other categories. 

In all, we check 125 different items.  We have set the automated system up so that it takes you the advisor very little time to input your qualifications.  Just click buttons.  All of the information is then placed into a copy-written formula that produces a very accurate assessment of a Financial Advisor’s skill set which is then scored and translated into the StarRating© System.  Your StarRating© can then be viewed by anyone for free.

It may be the best $199 you will ever spend on your business.  For more cost information: click here.

AdviserRating.com, Inc.

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